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    Learn about our design approach and what tools, frameworks, and structural standards we use to create consistent, thoughtful design solutions.

    Read about our principles  
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    Find out how to create purposeful, clean user interfaces that support content and promote brand consistency through use of colour, typography, iconography and illustrations.

    Design with style  
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    Explore the library of flexible and scalable components we use as the building blocks of our digital products.

    Use our building blocks  
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    See how our components come together to form dynamic and functional pages that showcase our products or promote marketing campaigns.

    Build better pages  
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    UX writing

    Familiarize yourself with how we write to embody our brand, and create content that’s easy to find and digest.

    Write meaningful copy  
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    UX research

    Explore which methodologies we use to extract meaningful insights, how we understand who our audience is and how we set ourselves up for success.

    Conduct a study  
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    Building products that can be used by every Canadian is important to us. See what tools and platforms we use to design inclusive experiences.

    Make products accessible  
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    Find downloadable resources like our Design Kit and Canada Post logo.

    Access our resources  


Care to share? Our Design System is always evolving! If you have any recommendations or comments about Mercury or our Design Kit, please send us an email.